Craft Magical Moments: Create enchanting memories with your children using our personalized Tooth Fairy Bag Set. Every lost tooth is a special milestone. Make it even more wondrous with our Tooth Fairy Kit, designed to create a cherished tradition for your child. The only tooth fairy keepsake you’ll need.

What’s Included: Our Tooth Fairy Set includes 1 x Tooth Bag, 20 x Tooth Fairy Certificates and 1 x Door Hanger. We have included 20 tooth fairy receipts so that you have one for each tooth your child will lose. Our tooth receipt cards have space for you to fill in your child’s name, age, date the tooth fell out, what number tooth it is so you can track it with your child and its condition. There is also space for your to add the payment total and a signature from the tooth fairy.

Size: Our tooth bag measures 145mm x 100mm and the door hanger measures 190mm x 70mm. The tooth fairy receipts are A7 and measure 105mm x 74mm. This gives you ample amounts of space to fill in all the details ready for when your child wakes up in the morning and it also means they will fit in the tooth bag provided.

Luxurious Quality: The receipts and door hanger are printed on FSC certified 300gsm Card Stock, our receipts boast a premium feel, adding a touch of sophistication to each moment. The tooth bags are made from 100% Cotton.

Made In The UK: Designed and printed in the UK, our Tooth Fairy Receipts carry the charm and quality of UK craftsmanship, making each moment extra special.

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