A&M Bamboo Double Edge Safety Razor by A&M Natural Living. Bringing back the classic men’s shaving experience whilst keeping the planet clean. With this razor you can achieve a professional, smoother and closer shave without causing irritation or ingrowing hairs.

Plastic razors are virtually impossible to recycle and they end up polluting our earth, either on landfill sites or in our oceans. Our razors are plastic free and are made from high quality sustainable materials. They include a 100% bamboo handle with brass / zinc alloy components. This makes them completely eco-friendly which helps make our planet a cleaner place.

Another benefit about using our razors is the cost. Once you have the razor all you need to buy are the blades. This works out much more cost effective in the long run, these can also be recycled.

  • Razor Weight: 74.3g.
  • Dimensions: 11.5cm(L) x 4.3cm(W).
  • Blades not included.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Recyclable packaging.

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