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A&M Bamboo Cotton Buds. Our A&M Natural Living bamboo cotton buds / q tips are 100% biodegradable. These eco bamboo cotton buds come in a recycled paper box. This makes our cotton earbuds completely eco friendly and a great alternative to the polluting plastic cotton swabs.

Too many plastic cotton earbuds are ending up on landfill sites and in our oceans. We only use eco-friendly, sustainable materials and packaging for not only our bamboo cotton buds but for all of our other products. make the eco friendly choice today and use non plastic cotton buds for a cleaner planet.

Our eco cotton ear buds have bamboo sticks. Bamboo is a sustainable renewable resource and by using bamboo over the traditional paper cotton bud sticks means that they are stronger, more durable and cope well with water.

Our eco friendly bamboo cotton bud q tips have multiple uses. Not only can these cotton wool buds be used to clean your ears but these eco cotton buds can also be used to help remove make up, clean your keyboard and can even used for arts and crafts!

Pack Size: You will receive 1 pack of 200 bamboo wooden cotton buds in this box.

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